Information for Employees in Background

Your Privacy Rights

It's Personnel strives to make this process as discrete as possible.  The purpose of the background is to ensure the previous experience you disclosed to your potential employer comports with the testimonials of your previous employers.  The backgrounding includes verification and questions posed to your previous employers and references (both personal and professional).  The identities of the specific persons to be  interviewed may be disclosed to you in advance or they may not, depending on the policies of your prospective employer.  The process will be outlined to you and you will be provided a written waiver.  

Personal Information Disclosure: United States or Overseas.  Your personal information will be transferred to It's Personnel, which operates in the State of California.  This information will be used by the associates at It's Personnel to conduct your reference checks and employment verification.  Your information will not be transferred to any third parties, except to the potential employer and your references to the extent necessary to conduct your background check.   

If you would like additional information regarding It's Personnel's privacy practices, or policies in the event of a compromise of the consumer's personal information, please contact: 

Rebecca Burnside - Owner Founder of It's Personnel